Winter in the Mediterranean

With most of the country either shoveling themselves out, in the middle of a deep freeze, or both, it is a great time to think about a tropical, or even semi tropical cruise vacation.

Most of the Mediterranean stays mild for the winter making it an ideal escape destination for many Europeans seeking warmer climates. Cruising the Mediterranean in the winter brings a whole host of advantages including lower fares, fewer crowds and cooler comfortable temperatures.

One of the great draws of Mediterranean cities is the culture, charm and architecture, which luckily, is available year round! The mild climate makes it comfortable to walk around and enjoy the spectacular scenery that each city has to offer without the heat or throngs of tourists!

The low season can also signify a great value. Hotels, attractions and airfare are all discounted compared to summer travel. This allows many of our customers to add an extra day or two to their vacation giving them some extra time to enjoy their departure or arrival city more thoroughly.

Lower price, comfortable weather and fewer crowds? It is no wonder that Mediterranean cruises in the winter months have been gaining steam in the last few years for U.S. travelers. When compared with many other travel destination, a cruise in the Mediterraneanseems like a pretty sweet deal.

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