Summer Cruises

As I look out the window I see the Celebrity Summit, towering high above my desk here on Commercial st. Destination Oceans is lucky enough to be situated directly across from the International cruise port. This year we will see over 70 ships pass through our fair city, bringing sunshine seekers and eventual leaf peepers up the coast.

Since I am in the business I started thinking about the other summer cruises currently happening around the world.
I know the Mediterranean and Greek Isles are extremely busy during the summer months. Travelers exploring sandy beaches, eating the freshest fish and amazing wines. Days out at sea in the warm Mediterranean air are just as great as every port of call.

Most Scandinavian cruise travel occurs in the summer. Freshly open waters lead travelers to amazing fjords and quaint villages. Cruising in Scandinavia allows you the opportunity to meet friendly locals and walk cobblestone streets.
Alaska and it’s great wilderness is another amazing summer cruise. Melting inlets allow cruisers to see amazing wildlife including, bears. moose, caribou, bald eagles and whales. People who have been on an Alaskan cruise always seem to return with an entirely different outlook. Breathtaking is a word that seems to be used repeatedly to describe an Alaskan cruise.

Then there is of course, my personal favorite, summer river cruising in Europe . Traveling through Europe in the summer is so nostalgic. I always tend to reflect on the millions of people who have traveled on these rivers for 1000’s of years. Through wars and famine, or to celebrate with family, these rivers have literally seen it all.

So if anyone out there is reading this dreaming of being out on a ship right now, I feel for you. And for those sitting by the ship’s pool or relaxing in the lounge with a cocktail, enjoy, and hopefully we will join you soon!

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