Spring Tulip Cruise

One of our most popular European cruises is the Tulip Time River cruise which meanders it’s way through Belgium and Holland at the peak of Spring.

Embarkation begins in Holland’s beautiful capital of Amsterdam. The 700 year old city combines classic European charm with modern architecture, shops and market places.

Many clients coordinate their arrival or departure into Amsterdam to gain an additional day in the city to get the most out of their Tulip time Cruise.
Next you will spend your days floating down the Rhine river and exploring the beautiful countryside as well as the towns of Arnhem, Antwerp, Ghent and Willemstad. Each one offering a unique view into the surrounding culture and history.

I think one of the most unique aspects of this cruise is how the cruise life aboard the ship is intermingled with the individual cultures of the surrounding areas. Special highlights on the ship include folklore dances as well as themed dinners and shows offering travelers an in depth view.

Windmill tours, Belgian chocolate and a relaxing atmosphere are just a few more hints of things to come on the Tulip Time River Cruise.

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