Cruising in Venice

Located just 20 minutes from Marco Polo airport, Venice has one of the greatest cruise ship ports in the world. With almost 500 ships and 700,000 passengers seen every year, the port of Venice sees an amazing amount of tourists. The “Queen of the Adriatic” is well known as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Singing gondoliers, bustling piazzas and of course the intersecting canals, there is literally no other city on earth like it.

The port of Venice and the Cruise terminal isn’t actually on on the Adriatic Sea, but inside the venetian lagoon which is connected to the Adriatic by the Port di Lido.

Venice provides an excellent departure point for many of the Mediterranean’s best cruises. The climate is mild with nearly year round warm breezes and cloudless skies. Venice itself offers a host of shore excursions including walking tours, gondola rides or just sitting in St. Marks square people watching can be fun. If you can, add on extra day or two to your Mediterranean Cruise and take advantage of everything Venice has to offer.

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