The Infamous Cruise Ship Piano Bar

As I sit here in the Northeast, I peek outside, the flakes are barreling down and covering everything in a blanket of snow. Should I shovel? Should I even get out of bed? My mind wanders to sitting poolside, beach excursions and warm nights singing at the Piano bar.

Ah, the cruise ship piano bar, many times it becomes the epicenter for people to laugh, sing and engage in general merriment. In recent years piano bars have become a staple of today’s cruise ships. A place to toss back a few cocktails, get to know your fellow cruisers and mumble through the lyrics of “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel.

The piano bar often becomes the most sought after venue on the ship, and why wouldn’t it? Music, singing and libations have the masses since their inception. The concept is brilliant, play songs that everyone knows and loves, then get them liquored up enough to join in. Voila! A night to remember.

What I wouldn’t do to be cruising through the Greek Isles, warm evening breeze in my hair, scotch in hand and Van Morrisons “Brown Eyed Girl” serenaded to me by my ship mates.

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