How to choose the perfect European River Cruise

Trying to pick the “perfect” European River Cruise is a lot easier then one would think. The largest factor is what interests you as a traveler. The good thing is that there are so many different cruises offered that its just a matter of time til you find the one that suits your interests the best. Once that is figured out the cruise line of your dreams is just a call away.

The best place to start is to pick the river that interests you the most. Europe has so many famous rivers that this might be a more difficult task then you might think. On Danube river cruises you will be able to see the old world ports of call like Hungary, Romania, Germany and Austria. This is Europe’s second longest river after the Volga, because of this you won’t ever run out of breathtaking sights. Perhaps you’re looking for something romantic, a Rhine river cruise might be ideal. They normally begin in the city of Amsterdam and make their way through Germany, France and Switzerland. Whatever is your style or interest you can have a cruise tailored just for you.

Perhaps you’d find it easier to start with picking a cruise line? You’ve got AMA Waterways, Uniworld River Cruises and Avalon Waterways just to name a few. All 3 are very well known and excel in the area of European River cruises.

The “perfect” river cruise is what is perfect in your eyes. So before you book a river cruise think about what it is that you enjoy and build on that. After you’ve done that you can’t go wrong.

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