Evolution of the Cruise Vacation

Gone are the days of your grandparents embarking on a 3 week cruise from Ft. Lauderdale through the Caribbean with all the other grandparents and elderly folk. Cruise vacations have an unfair assumption about them that they are just for older people with tons of money. The cruise industry has come a long ways from those days and has done a great job in quelling those stereotypes.

One of the biggest factors in deterring people from embarking on a cruise is the issue of getting sea sick. While some people are just easily susceptible to being sea sick, the average person will be unaffected by this on a cruise ship. This is because modern technology in ship building has advanced very far in the last decade or so and now most ships are equipped state of the art stabilizing equipment. This equipment will prevent the ship from rocking side to side and back to front, a major cause of sea sickness. It is still a wise idea to bring some simple remedies for sea sickness just in case, but don’t let that fear deter you from taking a cruise.

As for the age stereotype, that too has been dissolved. Yes cruise vacations are very popular amongst the elderly, as they are stress free to plan and offer plenty to do; cruises have evolved to cater to a younger crowd as well as the family crowd. You are more likely to a see an older demographic on cruises that are longer as well as cruises that sail through colder weather climates, such as an Alaskan or Scandinavian cruise. Shorter cruises, say 3-4 days, will tend to have a younger crowd. Also if you do your homework you should be able to find out in general who will be on the ship. Is it a younger crowd? Maybe it’s a cruise specifically designed for families or catered to singles. Researching thoroughly can help make sure that the cruise you book will be perfect for you.

Another common misconception is that the dining options aboard a cruise ship are so limited that by the time lunch time on the 3rd day comes around the last thing you want to do is enter the dining area of the ship. This couldn’t be any further from the truth these days as cruise lines have revamped their dining options as they realized eating is a major part of the vacation experience. Cruse lines have made it a priority to offer multiple dining options on board as well as the opportunity to dine on shore when reaching each different port of call.

Cruise lines have also changed the way that dinner is served. In the past it used to be that you signed up for a specific time to eat each meal, and you were also assigned a table to eat each meal at as well. This concept of strict meal times and regulations turned a lot of people away from a cruise vacation, so the cruise lines changed this to cater to its customer. A lot of companies have done away with this and allow each guest to dine on their leisure and not be held down by such a strict policy.

So if you haven’t been a cruise vacation, it really is something that you need to experience first hand in order to form a valid opinion about. And most likely it is going to be a fantastic experience that you will never forget. Visit the cruise experts at Destination Oceans and get on board the cruise of your dreams!

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