Cruising Solo

You know you want to go on a cruise, you have either been on one before or can envision yourself lounging by the pool and waking up daily to new destinations. The only issue is that you have no one to enjoy all these great times with. It isn’t that you have no friends or family, it may just be that they are too busy or don’t believe cruising is for them. What do you do now? You go by yourself!

What are you going to do alone on a cruise you ask? Won’t I be bored? Cruises cater to peoples individual interests so you are sure to meet like minded people who enjoy the same activities you do.

The choices aboard most cruises are seemingly endless. Spa treatments, game rooms, singing, dancing, Broadway style shows, movies, reading, the possibilities are amazing and don’t forget to explore the ports of call! How could you ever be bored?

A cruise allows you to be as secluded as you like, or share your vacation with fellow cruisers. You already have something in common with everyone aboard; you are all experiencing the same adventure, because of this, cruises can often be a very familial experience.

Meal time is the prefect time to meet new people. Many single cruisers ask to be seated at larger tables to allow them the chance to meet a variety of people, or asked to be seated at singles tables allowing them to share stories with individuals like themselves. Dinner mates often become shipmates which sometimes develop into cruise mates! Imagine that, finding another solo cruiser to share your vacations with.

So go ahead and pick your cruise, pack your bags and expect the unexpected. Solo cruising should not be daunting, instead, think of it as YOUR very own vacation, to do what you like with whomever you like. Relax, and enjoy.

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