Cruising on the Rhine River

I would have to say that some of the most scenic and historic cruises we offer have to be the cruises on the beautiful Rhine River. The Rhine originates in Reichenau, Switzerland and flows upwards through Austria and Germany before emptying out into the Netherlands. Together with the rivers Meuse and Scheldt the Rhine forms one of the largest river deltas in western Europe. The Rhine has been a source of life for the surrounding communities, providing crop irrigation as well as transit for over a thousand years.

Floating down the Rhine river offers picturesque scenery around every turn. From stunning metropolitan cities to ancient castles, each day on the Rhine river offers an entirely new view. Offshore excursions are a delightful experience whether you are exploring castles, visiting a vineyard or shopping for the perfect souvenir.
A European river cruise on the Rhine also provides some exceptional culinary treats often using local produce and wines to offer cruisers a truly one of a kind experience.

A romantic Rhine river cruise offers you a chance to visit various cultures with minimal hassle. Unpack once, relax, and enjoy every moment. For more information on Rhine river cruises or to explore what else the Rhine river has to offer, click here. or contact 1-800-374-3740.

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