Cruising into the New Year

2010 is upon us and for some, the last few days have been a time to reflect on the previous years highs and lows. While others, (myself included), it is the time to start thinking about all the cruises I have been interested in, and how many I can squeeze in before the year comes to a close.

First and foremost, I have to make it to Scandinavia this year. Quaint ports and medieval architecture combine with amazing fjords and cosmopolitan cities. It is nearly the best of the best when it comes to a cruise vacation. Although the weather can often times be on the chilly side, the relaxed environment and people of Scandinavia completely make up for it.

Then there is the Provence region of France,and then into Spain. Posh, metropolitan cities blend seamlessly with lush wine country. This is one cruise that never gets old. Whether it is the small ships, the amazing service or possibly because it is a gastronomical and oenological delight, the France to Spain cruise is one of the best.

What is left after all this cruising, almost 30 days of wonderful sight, sounds, smells and friends. Maybe we could squeeze in one more, how about 5 quick days in the Greek Isles, Santorini is beautiful year round. Or maybe we can just add a couple days in Madrid after our Provence cruise. The possibilities are endless.

What are YOUR plans for the 2010 cruising year? Let us know.

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