Presidential Treatment

Presidents Day week is upon us, and while some of us are enjoying a nice winter break, others are celebrating the birth of our fore fathers. This got me thinking about the infamous picture of our first president crossing the Delaware to surprise the British troops. The picture depicts George Washington leading a group of soldiers in a small row boat. The waves are beating and banging as they careen through rough seas with the wind howling and the rain pouring down.

Think about how far we have gotten in ship amenities since those days. Today we have full court basketball, multimedia theaters, heated swimming pools……. the list goes on and on. If only George Washington had a modern cruise ship spa to relax in after the battle of Trenton.

How about starting off in the sauna for an hour to get the chill off and relax his muscles. Then to realign his chi he would go in for a full Swedish massage or some reflexology followed up with some aromatherapy. Of course, the full treatment cannot be complete without a little cut and color at the salon.

The Presidential treatment doesn’t stop at the spa & salon, between the amazing food, variety of entertainment and deluxe sleeping quarters, you will more likely feel like a king than a president. Happy Presidents Day everyone! For more information on cruise ships and European vacations visit Destination Oceans. or contact 1-800-374-3740

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