Planning ahead for your Cruise

Weather you’re an experienced cruise vacationer or this is the first cruise you’ve planned the best thing you can do is plan ahead. Even if you’re not ready to go on your cruise for over year, early is better then later in this instance. By booking early you will find the best pricing and availability when planning this far in advance instead of waiting until a few months before you’re ready to travel.

Making your decision early can save you hundreds of dollars and ensure that you get the perfect cruise for the exact dates you want to travel. You’ll also find that your stress levels will be much lower, which is key to planning a stress free trip. Many people procrastinate or think they can find better deals if they wait until the last minute but this is not the case with cruises or airfare.

Take for example the cruise line AMA Waterways.
They offer a 5% discount and a free balcony upgrade on all 2011 AMA river Cruises booked through Destination Oceans. This is just one example of the savings you will be eligible for booking early.

You’ll also find that just about every single date is open in terms of availability which is quite the opposite when you contact them a few months before the cruise. You’ll also be eligible for any optional land tours and hotels will have vacancies saving you a headache. Get the maximum out of your money and time by being well prepared for your future cruise!

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