Cabin Upgrades and Free Flights!

We all have those friends that are always bragging about how they got a free flight here or a complimentary upgrade there. It seems as though every time you run into them they are more than elated to go on and on about the last amazing deal they got. At some point you start to think that these people are just making up stories for attention…..but what if they are telling the truth? Have you been paying too much for your luxury cruises?

Well I can’t speak for everyone, but there are some really great deals out there for savvy travelers. Many cruise companies offer cabin upgrades for booking your cruise early, these companies like to get their ships filled asap and are willing to give away premier cabins as rewards. These also hold true for cruise consolidators like us, Destination Oceans. Most times we have the same deals available to our clients as the cruise line does.

Cruise consolidators may also have an extra advantage by bundling multiple services together. Often times we offer 2 for 1 airfare when you buy your luxury cruise through us offering substantial savings to the client. Even discounting the airfare significantly can reduce the overall cost of your vacation.

Here is a link to our Specials Page this will give you our most up to date deals available from Destination Oceans.

The best way to guarantee the lowest price is having the knowledge and booking early when you do see a special deal. Don’t ever be afraid to ask one of our trained cruise specialists about which cruises offer the best value. We are here to help you! Happy Cruising!

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