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Cruising in Venice

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Located just 20 minutes from Marco Polo airport, Venice has one of the greatest cruise ship ports in the world. With almost 500 ships and 700,000 passengers seen every year, the port of Venice sees an amazing amount of tourists. The “Queen of the Adriatic” is well known as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Singing gondoliers, bustling piazzas and of course the intersecting canals, there is literally no other city on earth like it.

The port of Venice and the Cruise terminal isn’t actually on on the Adriatic Sea, but inside the venetian lagoon which is connected to the Adriatic by the Port di Lido.

Venice provides an excellent departure point for many of the Mediterranean’s best cruises. The climate is mild with nearly year round warm breezes and cloudless skies. Venice itself offers a host of shore excursions including walking tours, gondola rides or just sitting in St. Marks square people watching can be fun. If you can, add on extra day or two to your Mediterranean Cruise and take advantage of everything Venice has to offer.

If you have any questions regarding cruising in Venice Feel free to call us at 1-800-374-3740. Or take a look at our website to get more info.

Winter in the Mediterranean

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

With most of the country either shoveling themselves out, in the middle of a deep freeze, or both, it is a great time to think about a tropical, or even semi tropical cruise vacation.

Most of the Mediterranean stays mild for the winter making it an ideal escape destination for many Europeans seeking warmer climates. Cruising the Mediterranean in the winter brings a whole host of advantages including lower fares, fewer crowds and cooler comfortable temperatures.

One of the great draws of Mediterranean cities is the culture, charm and architecture, which luckily, is available year round! The mild climate makes it comfortable to walk around and enjoy the spectacular scenery that each city has to offer without the heat or throngs of tourists!

The low season can also signify a great value. Hotels, attractions and airfare are all discounted compared to summer travel. This allows many of our customers to add an extra day or two to their vacation giving them some extra time to enjoy their departure or arrival city more thoroughly.

Lower price, comfortable weather and fewer crowds? It is no wonder that Mediterranean cruises in the winter months have been gaining steam in the last few years for U.S. travelers. When compared with many other travel destination, a cruise in the Mediterraneanseems like a pretty sweet deal.

European Cruise Shore Excursions

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Shore excursions allow you to personalize your cruise vacation so you and your family get to experience the wonders that each port of call has to offer. Imagine parasailing in the Mediterranean, taking part in a wine tasting tour of the city or exploring the ancient ruins of Greece.

Shore excursions are all about choice, fun and recreation, chose from relaxing guided tours or enrichment programs such as sailing or scuba diving lessons. Even get a few rounds of golf in at the local course. The magnitude of choices is only limited by your imagination; Destination Oceans has provided just a small sample of interesting activities for you to experience on your cruise vacation.

Walking tours
Experience any port of call on an intimate walking tour on your cruise vacation. There is no better way to find great shopping, local restaurants and mingle with the locals than a walking tour. The cruise line concierge can guide you in the right direction to help you find exactly what you’re looking for during your vacation. See the sights and embrace the local flair with an inexpensive walking tour.

Guided Tours
Guided tours are offered in almost every port of call destination. Whether it is horse drawn carriages, a jeep adventure, amphibious buses or nature walks, guided tours allow you gain a more intimate knowledge of the region. What better way to get children (or adults for that matter), involved in history than immersing them in the sights, sounds and smells of the area. How long did it take to build the Parthenon? Guided tours are an exciting and enjoyable form of enrichment that the entire family will cherish.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Many warmer destinations offer scuba diving and snorkeling for both experienced underwater adventurers and first timers alike. View amazing aquatic life and explore what few people will ever get to see. Vibrant coral reefs, incredible volcanic remnants, shipwrecks and fish that you thought only existed on the big screen. Led by experienced dive instructors, the thrill of underwater exploration is available with the peace of mind of getting close supervision and expert tutelage

Cultural Events, Fairs and Festivals
Although cruise timing does play a major role in coordinating a major city event, many ports of call promote summer long festivals for visitors allowing you to experience and celebrate with the locals. Find native treasures, regional food and artisan crafts. Parades, games, local food and dance are all part of the festivities. A Christmas cruise through Europe is becoming one of the most sought after vacations. Imagine meandering down the Danube, stopping at the local Christmas markets which offer everything from local food to hand crafted jewelry. Colorful lights illuminate the sky as you experience the local culture and festivities. Cultural events can include, the Cannes films festival, Vienna opera house tour and show, or even a local wine tasting immerses you in the people and flavors of the area. What ever the occasion, there is no better way to get acquainted with a region than a fair or festival.

Chauffeur drive
Destination Oceans provides a great value to coincide with your European cruise vacation. A chauffeur driven tour allows you to travel further outside the city, and offers privacy and flexibility so you can truly have your vacation personalized. Escape the crowds and dance to the beat of your own drum with a relaxing drive to the countryside, experience a wine tour outside of Milan, or feel like royalty as you travel through the streets of Nice on the French Riviera. Destination Oceans lets you choose from an affordable sedan to a luxurious limousine allowing you to customize your private excursion. Many couples will pair up and rent a luxury limousine for the day and enjoy the convenience of traveling through the city in style, at their own pace, and without distractions prevalent with large groups. A chauffeur driven excursion is a welcome treat while on your Cruise vacation.